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Child education games & activities to help your elementary children in spelling, reading comprehension & more. Child education is supplemented by reading comprehension, spelling games and other elementary learning activities, so your child learns faster and retains his/her education through an increased attention span. Does your child have trouble with learning any aspect of their education? Does your child excel in the classroom? Use our education tools to allow your child to practice up on the areas the class is working on, or on the next grade level! We have seen these activities improve knowledge retention as well as learning enjoyment.

Fourth grade, fifth grade & sixth grade child education activities (spelling games, reading comprehension, etc.) can be launched by clicking on a link below. These activities are made available by, where children are learning faster. These child education activities (spelling, parts of speech, words in context, reading comprehension, possessive adjectives) are free to the general public. We offer math, social studies and science activities as well.

Through these child education games & activities, at we're dedicated to helping students speed their elementary learning in math, language arts, social studies and science. This page is for fourth, fifth and sixth grade. You will find first, second & third grade links below.

  Parts of Speech
  Words in Context
  Reading Comprehension: "The Zoo in my Yard."
  Possessive Adjectives

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Flash 4.0 (free download) is required for these math games. You can click here to verify that you have it, or to download it. Click here for fourth, fifth and sixth grade math games.

We do this by making it fun to practice elementary skills, as well as providing tools for parents and teachers to determine strengths and areas of improvement. Our activities, books, quizzes and more are created by dedicated teachers, award winning animators and professional programmers.

We offer many free math games and activities, as well as a membership service through which classrooms and homes can get the full experience for just one small yearly fee. You can create your own brain teasers, reading comprehension activities & quizzes for your children!

In our math games area we offer addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, place value, fractions, decimals, shapes and much more. In our language arts area we offer spelling, capitalization, punctuation, inferences, reading comprehension, books for learning to read and much more. In our social studies area we offer activities on congress, the history of money, geography games, the statue of liberty and much more. In our science area we offer activities on the planets and our sun, technology, whales and other sea life, the human body and much more.

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